SMT2 - The World's most advanced Synthetic Antifriction Lubricant Oil Additive


US Marines claims 11% better accuracy on the rifle range.

SMT2 is a Synthetic Metal Treatment with the opposite polarity to Fe Metals. It is widely used as an additive to Oils, mostly in vehicles, where the synthetic molecules refuse to allow metal to metal contact. However this very high load resistance when tested on test rigs that access film strength of lubricating oils surpassed the Falex Test Rig at QUT (Queensland University), In fact the manufacturers claim a 650% increase in load resistance when added to Motor Oils. This makes it very suitable for Guns and Rifles as it remains intact on sliding surfaces! One testimonial from the US Marines claims 11% better accuracy on the rifle range. 

He was reportedly taking pigs out at up to 450 meters. With head shots

Michael and his friends went out Pig Shooting in the highlands of NSW and the results spoke for themselves. Michael has a nice rifle with a 300 meter range. He reported that he was taking pigs out at up to 450 meters due to using SMT2 as a lubricant, also his head shot accuracy was much higher. 

Brisbane Gun Club members are following his example.

Richard from Brisbane Gun Club has a Perazzi MX8 Shotgun which he swapped over from the manufacturers recommended Gun Oil to try SMT2, he says the results over the last 200,000 rounds have proved the superiority of SMT2. The machining marks on the front knuckle are still apparent. The wedge was rebuilt at about 175,000 rounds,which as he says is phenomenal. the mechanism has worked smoothly during those years and other club members are following his example.

Ian's outcome using recommended hand-gun oil

Ian's hand-gun With SMT2 as the lubricant

Multiple Shots Trough the bulls eye thanks to SMT2

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