SMT2 - The World's most advanced Synthetic Antifriction Lubricant Oil Additive
Hi Peter, 

Well just like to say thank you for introducing me to SMT2 I really believe in this product and the many other products you have introduced me too, from your oil flush , Ultra blue oil, The differential & gearbox oils, Injector cleaner, and Citrus 6000... 
A bit about myself I have been doing Earthmoving for 29 yrs now and always believed in keeping up the maintenance on my equipment so when you told me about SMT2 I had to try it.  

My Truck does not have a Turbo but does the job with the 200 horse power motor, but before I met you I was doing a job at Mt Mee In QLD, now this job has a very steep driveway no problem going down but trying to pull all my equipment up well that was a different story after three attempts I just keep running out of steam so had to take the Bobcat off walk back down and drive the Bobcat up, this hill has 23% incline and you have to shut the gate right at the start of the hill so not even a run up.   

The gate prohibits a run up for the hill

Well now I meet you and you tell me how good this SMT2 is, so I was keen to see if this stuff works after about two weeks of driving around with it in the truck motor I again was called backed to that job at Mt Mee, so I was very keen to see what happens, I always carry all my equipment with me all the time so I know I had the same weight on, well could not believe it the truck went right to the top 1st go the only thing I have done was put 2 lt of SMT2 in my oil I didn't even change the oil just drained 2 lts out, so now I use this stuff in everything, my cars, my mower, diffs, Gearbox, even in my Hydraulics, all I can say is you have now got a life time customer and your very helpful personality is rare this days nothing is a problem you have always made sure I got the best service from you I do really appreciate it so thank you very much for that... I would like to say, if you would like me to talk to a customer don't hesitate in given them my number.... 
“Love ya work keep it up” 
Kind Regards 
Trevor Hammant 
Fair Diggin Excavation 

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