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How our customers get a REAL horsepower increase


SMT2 customers get better fuel economy, and horsepower increase and improved torque. We are proud to be of assistance to the motor racing organisations and all of our many valued clients. Read below to see what they have to say about SMT2! We love hearing your feedback. Please feel welcome to provide us with testimonials about the effectiveness of our lubricants.


Rob Tucker Racing Dragster Champion


Hi Peter,


As you know we have spent a lot of time, effort and money to get as much power from our V8 engine and after modification of the heads we placed the engine on the Dyno to see if we could exceed 1100 HP. Much to our dismay it ran 1098, 1098, 1098 during the 3 tests. This was not what we wanted from our efforts.

On your recommendation we added 700ml of SMT Synthetic Metal Treatment to our 7 Litres of Synthetic Engine Oil in the engine. The engine was revved a couple of times to circulate the oil and the test was run. Immediately we gained 1105 HP, much to our jubilation. " During the next 3 starts on the grid we achieved one of our fastest times."

Thank you sincerely for your support and for introducing us to SMT2





Hi Peter,

Well just like to say thank you for introducing me to SMT2 I really believe in this product and the many other products you have introduced me too, from your oil flush , Ultra blue oil, The differential & gearbox oils, Injector cleaner, and Citrus 6000...
A bit about myself I have been doing Earthmoving for 29 yrs now and always believed in keeping up the maintenance on my equipment so when you told me about SMT2 I had to try it.



My Truck does not have a Turbo but does the job with the 200 horse power motor, but before I met you I was doing a job at Mt Mee In QLD, now this job has a very steep driveway no problem going down but trying to pull all my equipment up well that was a different story after three attempts I just keep running out of steam so had to take the Bobcat off walk back down and drive the Bobcat up, this hill has 23% incline and you have to shut the gate right at the start of the hill so not even a run up.




Well now I meet you and you tell me how good this SMT2 is, so I was keen to see if this stuff works after about two weeks of driving around with it in the truck motor I again was called backed to that job at Mt Mee, so I was very keen to see what happens, I always carry all my equipment with me all the time so I know I had the same weight on, well could not believe it the truck went right to the top 1st go the only thing I have done was put 2 lt of SMT2 in my oil I didn't even change the oil just drained 2 lts out, so now I use this stuff in everything, my cars, my mower, diffs, Gearbox, even in my Hydraulics, all I can say is you have now got a life time customer and your very helpful personality is rare this days nothing is a problem you have always made sure I got the best service from you I do really appreciate it so thank you very much for that... I would like to say, if you would like me to talk to a customer don't hesitate in given them my number....
“Love ya work keep it up”
Kind Regards
Trevor Hammant 
Fair Diggin Excavation




Tony Buckley Dragster Champion




As you recall I purchased 20 litres of SMT2 in December 2010 for use in both my trucks and my dragster. The dragster was burning the push rod ends off due to extreme pressure and heat, however with the introduction of SMT2 at 10% that ceased to occur. Also, we inspected the gearbox which previously relied on oil and another anti-friction metal treatment. When we ran with the same oil and SMT2 at 10% the results were amazing, on splitting the box we expected to see the previous burnt oil and blackened components, much to our amazement the SMT2 had totally protected the unit and no blackening existed at all.


For us this shows that SMT2 Synthetic Anti-friction Metal Treatment is superior to any product we have used over our many years of racing.


Thanks and regards,

Tony Buckley  






Hi, I've used your SMT2 in all our company utes and cars with consistently improved fuel efficency. Recently I purchased a new Mazda B 350 Ute and put SMT2 into the motor oil after the first 10,000 km service. Previsouly it was doing 820 km on a tank full. The Ute from there on was doing 820 km before the 10,000 km service.



With the addition of 10% SMT2 in the motor oil the ute started doing 840 km per tank full. At the 20,000km oil change 5% of SMT2 was added to the oil, the Ute started doing 940 km on a full tank of diesel and consistently kept it.                                      

At the 10,000 km oil change 10% of SMT2 was added to the motor oil and the Ute did 840 km on full tank of diesel consistently. At the 20,000 Km oil change 5% of SMT2 was added to the oil, the Ute did 940 km on a full tank of diesel from there on.That's 120 km extra per tank, and the savings easily exceed the cost of the SMT2 so from then on we were making a profit each time we drove the 4WD.!


If you want to look after your motor and moving parts by reducing friction and wear and also  have improved fuel efficiency then use SMT2.


Best regards,

Hugh Frith 

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