SMT2 - The World's most advanced Synthetic Antifriction Lubricant Oil Additive

Benefits of SMT2

Reduce wear and tear in your bulldozer, road grader, tractor and more


Continue reading below to see that the benefits of SMT2 which are many and varied...



What does SMT2 do for the equipment that is treated?


SMT2 significantly reduces friction, thereby providing:

  • More power to motorised equipment (increased rpm or same rpm at improved energy efficiency)
  • Horsepower increase using less fuel (see dyno testing)
  • Cooler operation in engines, transmissions, gearboxes, sliding devices, and bearing assemblies
  • Longer equipment life (oil test analysis shows documented equipment longevity)

Significantly longer service cycles


SMT2 offers protection against high wear debris build-up in extreme environments. SMT2 only affects ferrous (Fe) metal parts; therefore, it can be safely used in hydraulic systems, HVAC pumps, conveyor systems, automatic transmissions, gear boxes, transfer cases, crankcases, differentials, coolants, fuel, and chain cases – virtually any friction environment.



Does SMT2 wear out?

No! SMT2 does not wear out. However, due to physics, it must be replaced each time the oil, lubricant, or grease is replaced. When the engine oil in an automobile is changed every 5,000 kilometres, or earlier than normal SMT2 should be added at 50% of the initial dose rate.



Oil stability using SMT2

SMT2 is a metal treatment that microscopically leaches through the porosity of the metal itself thus permeating the surface of ferrous metals. However, when a petroleum-based oil product is introduced into the oil in use, the additive package pH and suspension agent of the oil may be altered. When the pH is wrong, the “additive package” is out of balance and can cause acidic build-up and corrosion.
SMT2 does not change any of this.


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